Friday, September 19, 2008

Lebanese Designed Supercar!!!

"The desire to take on Ferrari has birthed at least one iconic car (GT40) and launched an entire brand (Lamborghini), and for David Frem, a 25-year-old Lebanese design student, the ambition to chase after Italy's prancing horse has created this: the Frem F1.

After three years of design and fabrication, Frem has created the F1 prototype as a steppingstone to the production version, aptly titled the F2, which is slated to appear at the Detroit Auto Show this January.

The F1 is currently powered by a Volkswagen-sourced 2.0-liter four-pot and mated to an Audi gearbox (DSG?), good for a claimed top speed of 124 mph -- assuming it doesn't undress itself in the process. But if the world's first Lebanese supercar has any chance of catching up to Italy's finest, it had better be packing twice as many cylinders and a bit more refinement."

Great start... being on a budget this guy can work quite well with what he has.... not great on specs or looks.. but i have to give the guy some credit for trying.... Waiting to see the F2 he will apparently unveil in January :)

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