Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LSE Range Rover Coupe

This SUV really looks nice; Aggressive, yet elegant (Also, I'm betting that this is waaaay better quality than the UAE job). However, I'm guessing that the guys at LSE didn't get the memo about the worldwide financial crisis because prices for this chopped-up Range Rover start at $250,000... Oh, and only 200 will be built so get your orders in ASAP.

According to GlobalMotors...

LSE Coupe comes with LED running lights, custom panels and bumpers. In addition to all the digital goodies passengers can take a good look at the outdoors via the Sport Coupe’s full-length panoramic glass.

Engineers have also worked on the engine and thanks to hardware and software upgrades LSE Coupe has more than 500 bhp. Customers can choose either 20-, 22- or 24-inch wheels for their custom built LSE Coupe. Behind these massive wheels you can find either Brembos, vented steel discs or carbon ceramics. It’s up to your wallet!

Financial times maybe hard, but this car should go fast as only 200 units will be built, out if which only 50 will make it to the States. Prices start at $250,000. For more information contact LSE Design Limited.

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