Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kuwait: 7alaw El Majlis

According to
Kuwait's ruler has decided to dissolve parliament, Al Jazeera television reported on Tuesday, after Islamist lawmakers asked to question the prime minister over his government's handling of the economic crisis.  (ArabianBusiness)
I am extremely happy that this is happening and I think that it is a few months overdue. These idiots in Parliament (speaking generally here... there are a few decent people in the Parliament too) should be put down and know that their unjustified, false accusations come with drastic consequences. This is one huge leap forward for our beloved country and I hope the people who wrongly voted in the last election would take some time and think about who they would like to represent them in the next National Assembly.

UPDATE: This is still an ongoing discussion and a decision will probably be reached within 48hrs-1week.

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Anonymous said...

The Majlis el Umah (also know as Majlis el Khamah) are the worst thing to happen in Kuwait, since the invasion. They are a joke, useless and have slowed down the country's development with the useless rhetoric!