Thursday, October 30, 2008

Muxlim Aims to Be a Facebook for Muslims, a Finnish-based social network site for Muslim communities, has announced the arrival of "Muxlim Pal," a virtual world that adheres to the Muslim code. Muxlim Pal, essentially, is a Second Life for Muslims, where the women wear virtual hijabs, or veils, that cover their faces and and where everybody goes to the prayer 'room' five times daily. 

Muxlim Pal hopes to reach citizens of Muslim countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Iran that seek the virtual world experience, but are unable because authorities block sites like Second Life, 
MySpace and Facebook (or at least parts of them). These sites -- orparts of them (like the dating apps on Facebook) -- are blocked because they do not adhere to Muslim codes of conduct. 

Muxlim Pal's motto is "Enhancing the Muslim Lifestyle," and with nearly one-fifth of the world's population being Muslim, corporate marketeers and advertisers will be eager to enter this virtual world in order to promote and sell their brands, just as they do on Facebook and MySpace. Okay, so maybe it'll be a nice place for Muslim and non-Muslim folks to stay in touch and socialize, but we hope the site will also provide US Foreign Policy movers and shakers an opportunity to experience and understand the Muslim life before engaging in any unilateral invasions. [From: 
Muxlim via Switched]

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