Monday, March 23, 2009

Subiya Hotel & Resort in Kuwait

Project: Subiya Hotel & Resort

Developer: KAMCO

The project is located at the northern part of Kuwait on Khour Al Subiyah overlooking the Bubiyan Island. The beach front extends to about 500 meters and is regarded as a shallow water area with a high percentage of deposits due to its proximity to the Shatt Al-Arab Delta.

The resort components are a hotel with 100 double-rooms, a resort with 63 chalets, various cafes and restaurants, a Spa & health club and marina complex for servicing private and rental boats of sea-bound visitors.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

3Z Scale Bulldog R/C Rider: The World's First Rideable R/C Car

I really want one!!! This way I could ride to the desert on the 3Z truck (not haul my current Baja 5B around on my back), have fun, and go back on the 3Z truck itself... Now if they could only make a tiny plane or boat :)

According to Autoblog...
The Bulldog is a 1/3 scale remote control vehicle that sports a stadium truck body, 110cc four-stroke engine, disc brakes, automatic transmission, independent suspension and aluminum wheels. You can pilot the big R/C all day long behind a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, but when that gets old, the Bulldog converts into a rideable ATV of sorts. (Autoblog)
Video of the 3Z Bulldog in action HERE
3Z Website HERE

More on 2012 - Both the Movie and the End of the World

CharlieFrost2012 on YouTube is a series of viral videos to promote the upcoming movie "2012" and also explain current predictions as to how the world would eventually end. (YouTube)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comedy Break: Monkey on a Bike

I love the way this little guy watches out for traffic and knows how to to a standing wheelie... and that bike zips off quite FAST!!! (YouTube)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kuwait's Future Tallest Skyscraper

By the time this gets built (if ever), it would either be a catastrophe greater than The Sheikh Jaber Stadium or considering how fast skyscrapers are being built... The shortest!!!

  • Name: Burj Mubarak al Kabir. (Sounds like a great name)
  • Where: Kuwait's City of Silk. (An amazing concept)
  • Cost: $11.26 billion. (Of which $5 billion will unfortunately be "misplaced")
  • Estimated completion: 2016. (YEAAAAAAAH RIIIIIIGHT!!!... More like 2116)
  • The challenge: Erect a 1km highbuilding that’s strong enough to withstand 240km/h winds. (This thing is definitely going to crumble like a cookie with the unique cost-cutting/profit-making techniques of Kuwaiti construction companies)
More information on Popular Science

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

This SUV/SAV/Whatever they are calling them these days is still a concept. However, to me the whole thing looks like the unwanted child of a Ford and Infiniti FX. Let's hope that if this thing ever sees the light of day that it would at least have better proportions (especially nixing the front grille and putting in something smaller and that rear end is waaaay too large).

More Live Pictures and Information on Autoblog

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kuwait: 7alaw El Majlis

According to
Kuwait's ruler has decided to dissolve parliament, Al Jazeera television reported on Tuesday, after Islamist lawmakers asked to question the prime minister over his government's handling of the economic crisis.  (ArabianBusiness)
I am extremely happy that this is happening and I think that it is a few months overdue. These idiots in Parliament (speaking generally here... there are a few decent people in the Parliament too) should be put down and know that their unjustified, false accusations come with drastic consequences. This is one huge leap forward for our beloved country and I hope the people who wrongly voted in the last election would take some time and think about who they would like to represent them in the next National Assembly.

UPDATE: This is still an ongoing discussion and a decision will probably be reached within 48hrs-1week.