Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kuwait's Future Tallest Skyscraper

By the time this gets built (if ever), it would either be a catastrophe greater than The Sheikh Jaber Stadium or considering how fast skyscrapers are being built... The shortest!!!

  • Name: Burj Mubarak al Kabir. (Sounds like a great name)
  • Where: Kuwait's City of Silk. (An amazing concept)
  • Cost: $11.26 billion. (Of which $5 billion will unfortunately be "misplaced")
  • Estimated completion: 2016. (YEAAAAAAAH RIIIIIIGHT!!!... More like 2116)
  • The challenge: Erect a 1km highbuilding that’s strong enough to withstand 240km/h winds. (This thing is definitely going to crumble like a cookie with the unique cost-cutting/profit-making techniques of Kuwaiti construction companies)
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