Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sony Vaio P

This would be the perfect laptop for work.... Considering you can link it to W-Net or E-Go and get rid of that ever-bugging restrictive work proxy. The only downside here IMO is that the thing runs on Vista (which I despise). Hopefully Windows 7 will soon be out and installed. According to Engadget...
The hotly anticipated VAIO P is for real, and it's coming in as the world's lightest 8-inch netbook at just 1.4 pounds. The Vista-based device packs an almost unbelievable 1,600 x 768 resolution LED-backlit XBRITE-ECO LCD display, 802.11n WiFi, 3G WWAN, Bluetooth, a battery good for four hours (eight hours with the optional high-capacity cell) and a GPS module for good measure. You'll also find an instant-on mode that launches directly into Sony's Xross Media Bar interface, and the inbuilt webcam will keep the video chats going well into the morning. It'll start shipping in early February. (Engadget)
Hands-on videos and pictures HERE

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