Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Early Bird at the Chalet!!!

The Early Bird is my favorite breakfast restaurant in Kuwait (if not the GCC). I absolutely love the food there... Simple and extremely yummy!!! The past weekend I booked them to cater to me and my family at the chalet and their food and service was nothing short of amazing. They usually come at anytime you want and have to leave before 3 to arrive back to Fahaheel and help close up their store. You usually have to book in advance (usually 3 days prior) and set-up the menu for the food you want served with the owners (they also print out the menu for your guests to see). Prices range from KD120-KD180 for a 15-20 person gathering (also depending on the types of food you order - some are pricier than others). All in all, I highly recommend The Early Bird at the Chalet.

BTW: The picture above is the tiny second serving prepared for the late guests... I was just too hungry to take a picture of the huuuuuge first serving which nearly covered the whole table and a table nearby!!!!

For bookings call +965-2392-5814

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