Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nuclear Power in Kuwait

According to instant news,
Kuwait is considering developing nuclear power with the help of a French firm to meet demand for electricity and water desalination, a Kuwaiti newspaper quoted the country's ruler as saying today. (InstantNews)
Is this what the 5.4 million nuclear pills are eventually for? This is definitely not a good idea considering the many idiotic ways most of the major companies try to cut costs in order to get a bigger profit margin from the construction contract (Let us just imagine that this is not a factor with the French group for now), the heat in Kuwait is a major problem too, the poor maintenance I bet this thing will have, the terrible ways Kuwait will think of for dumping the nuclear bi-products, etc.; we are surely going to see a nuclear meltdown, leak, or contamination and be needing those pills sometime in the future.


Anonymous said...

well lets try to connect dots.
this post along with

not good ;p

Mukhber said...

I know... unfortunately it seems quite obvious where this is all heading :$