Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wrestling back in Kuwait

Back in the 1990s  the WWE toured Kuwait several times and held tournaments, but other than talent visits to military bases professional wrestling has been banned in Kuwait for over 10 years. This might be all tied to an infamous appearance by Vader on Good Morning Kuwait that led to Vader being held under house arrest for 10 days in 1997. (Video Above)

According to WrestleZone:
Now East Wrestling Championship is promoting the first pro wrestling championship competition ever organized in Kuwait, and the 1st cards in 10 years, held during the 19, 20 and 21 of February on the celebration of HALA February 2009 in Salmiya Sports Club, with famous international former WWF stars and Champions from around the World competing for the East Championship Belt. The spectacular event will precede and conclude with phenomenal ceremonies of lazer & firework displa. The event hopes to draw up to 90,000 spectators watching this show live at the arena, which will be simultaneously televised for 3 days. (Wrestlezone)

Wrestlers Competing:
1. Bambi Killer (Austria)
2. Gangrel (USA)
3. Micheal Kovac (Austira)
4. The Hawk (Lebanon)
5. The Sledgehammer (canada)
6. Joe E. Legend (Germany)
7. Alofa the Wild Samon (Samoa)
8. El Mariachi (Mexico)
9. The Arabian Giant (Palestine)
10. Nour Loubnan (Lebanon)
11. Kurgan (Canada)
12. Bruiser Bradley (USA)
13. Jean-Pierre Lafitte (Canada)
14. The Ring Unbreakable (Lebanon)
15. Gama Singh Jr. (India)
16. Fahad Al-Khaleej (Arabian Gulf Region)
17. Shak Khan (Pakistan)

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